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Aluminum coil for PS CTP offset plate

0.27 mm thickness Aluminum coil 1052 for PS CTP offset plate


Aluminum coil has many applications, one of them is PS CTP offset plate,usually the 1052 alloy will be popular in the area.


PS CTP offset plate


The difference between CTP plate and PS plate in the geometric dimensions of aluminum plate

1) Thickness of aluminum coil 

The thickness of the aluminum substrate used for CTP plate is generally 0.280mm, slightly thicker than the PS plate currently produced (the thickness of the PS plate is 0.27mm + / - 0.005mm). Some foreign companies also adopt 0.275mm thick aluminum plates, with thickness tolerance of plus or minus 0.005mm. The aluminum plate base is thicker, the plate material stiffness will be better, not easy to bend.

2)Width of aluminium coil

Generally, the production of CTP plate in China does not install on-line edge cutting device, so the width tolerance of aluminum coil is required to be less than or equal to 0.5mm, preferably no tolerance. The cutting quality of aluminium coil also has definite requirements, that is, after longitudinal cutting, both sides of aluminium coil should not have burrs, lotus leaf edge and so on. Of course, the two sides should be cut off before coating.


Why is 1052 alloy?


The quality of PS CTP offset plate is related to the composition of aluminium alloy, that is, the content and composition of special metals contained in aluminium alloy. Because the content of special metals is more reasonable, the PS CTP offset plate has good physical and mechanical properties and can obviously improve its electrolysis, which is suitable for the electrolysis of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid solution. The response sensitivity of electrolytic sand can be improved and the fine and uniform sand horizon can be formed without intensive treatment.

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