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Aluminum foil coil stock

Food grade environment friendly aluminum foil coil stock for baking cooking roasting




Aluminium coil
Aluminium Alloy





A8011 0.2-6 8-2650 O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26
Material process DC
Customized size Size can be produced as per clients requirement
Quality Standard ASTM B209,
Material Quality tension leveled,Free of defects like oil stain,Roll Marks,Waves,Dents, Scratch etc ,
  A+++ quality

aluminum foil stock (for baking cooking roasting)

  Aircraft,Oil Tank ,Truck Body,
Packing Standard export worthy wooden pallets
  coil weight also can be as per client's requirement


Aluminum coil stock is an important source of 8011 aluminum foil.

It has many excellent properties, and thanks to these properties the shelf life for many groceries packaged in 8011 aluminum foil often exceeds 12 months


Other applications for aluminum coil stock 


Automobile transportation:the subway vehicle, railway passenger,high-speed passenger car body structure material, car doors and Windows,shelves, automobile engine parts, air conditioner, radiator, panels, wheel huband ship material.

Packaging : all-aluminum can materials, mainly in the form of thinplate and foil, into cans, covers, bottles, barrels, packaging foil. Widelyused in beverage, food, cosmetics, medicine, cigarettes, industrial productsand other packaging.
Printing : PS version. The aluminum base PS version is a new type ofmaterial for automatic plate making and printing.
Building decoration : because of its good corrosion resistance, sufficientstrength, excellent process performance and welding performance, main is widelyused in building architecture, such as doors and Windows, ceiling, decorativesurface. Such as all kinds of building doors and Windows, curtain wall withaluminum profile, aluminum curtain wall plate, pressure plate, decorativeplate, color coating aluminum plate.
Electronic : bus lines, overhead lines, conductors, electrical components,refrigerators, air conditioners, cables and other fields.




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