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Anodized aluminum coil stock

Anodized aluminum coil stock for  colored aluminum sheets consumer goods



Specifications of colored aluminium sheet or coil:


Aluminum alloy 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 8xxx
Thickness 0.22mm - 0.50mm
Width 2200mm max
Temper H & O
Treatment Anodized (or colored, brushed, polished)
Coating PE / PVDF / Epoxy


Description of aluminum coil for consumer goods:


Due to its formability corrosion resistance and light - weight features, aluminum sheet coil are widely used in the industry of consmer goods. It is easy to process and further process, such as anodizing, brushing and coloring to get what you want. Aluminum coil are extensively used for TV, computor, mobile phone, camera, and many consumer goods.


Other applications of colored aluminum coil stock:


1. Refrigeration decoration

2. Cabinet or cupboard surface

3. Cooking utensil / kitchen ware

4. Decoration of exterior and interior of architectures

5. Decoration of elevators

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