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3000 series 3003


3003 Aluminium alloy


Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Al
3003 0.6 0.7 0.05-0.2 1.0-1.5 --- --- --- 0.1 --- remainder


3003 Aluminum alloy can be cold worked to produce temper with a higher strength but a lower ductility.

3003 is a general-purpose alloy with good work-ability,moderate strength and good corrosion resistance. 

Description of aluminum foil for confectionary wrapping:


Aluminum foil is non - toxic packs, so it is widely used as the wrapping paper of confectionary products, such as chocolate, candies, chew gums. 


Confectionary products, like chocolate candies must be protected from the effects of light, humidity and air, and fat penetration and from losing its aroma.


Coupled with flexiblity and formability, it is easily coated with other materials, colored as your want, and embossed with various designs or texts. And most important is that aluminum foil is environmentally friendly because aluminum foil packaging can be recycled after finishing it.


Aluminum foil is easily fragile and somrtimes laminated to paper or plastic film to keep them in use. About 75% aluminum foil is used for the packaging industries of food, liquid, beverage (tin foil) , medicine, and chemical products. 


Due to cost reduction, the trend is currently going towards increasingly thinner aluminium foils. In the field of chocolate packaging, the thickness of the packaging alone decreased by about 30% in the last twenty years.


Applications of aluminum wrapping foil:


1. Milk

2. Beverage / juice

3. Water

4. Tomoto ketchup

5. Wine,

6. Coffee

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