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Round aluminum foil container with lid common thickness

Product Description:

Aluminium can endure very high and low temperatures. The material is therefore ideal for the packaging of products which require heat-treating in production. Aluminum foil container are used for storing food in kitchen all over the world. The aluminum foil container that we supply has good barrier qualities,100% light-/oxygen-/moisture-/proof,light and strong,preserve flavour and consistency.

Temperature: -200℃ to +350℃. The material can be used for heating in the oven.

Environment: Fulfilling the demands for environmental marking and can be recycled unlimited times.The energy need for re-melting is only 5% of that required for new manufacturing.On combustion, aluminium generates as much energy as coal and twice energy as paper.

Certificates: FDA/ SGS/ ATC




1. Storing food

2. Barbeque

3. Airline food tray

4. Taking away/ Package

5. Bakery

6. Restuarant food can/tray

7. Jam/Milk/cheese cntainer

8. Frozen seafood package

9. Microwave oven applicablepackage

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