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Chocolate Foil

Rising International offers our customers a consistent and reliable supply of converter foil products that can be used in flexible packaging for a variety of industries—from food to pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. The aluminum we supply is typically converted by our customers into flexible laminates, where it is lacquered, printed or layered with other supporting material such as polymers or paper.

Key features:

1. Flexibility & Reliability: With multi-plant, fully integrated production, Eternal Metals offers a wide range of converter foil specifications.

2. Runnability: Eternal Metals is committed to supply premium quality converter foil with predictable and uniform characteristics to ensure optimal runnability during converting operations. Reduced preparation time and down time due to foil breaks are critical to maintaining production rhythm and improving productivity, allowing packaging producers to respond efficiently to increasingly fragmented demands.

3. The Highest Standards: Eternal Metals converter foil meets FDA standards related to food contact substances as well as international food and pharmaceutical packaging standards.


1050, 1060,1070,1100,1145, 1200,1235,3003, 8006, 8011, 8079


O H14 H18 H22 H24 H26


0.0052mm - 0.04mm


200mm - 1580mm


Mill finish

Advantages of Aluminum foil for Packaging

1. Flexibility & Reliability – With multi-plant, fully integrated production, we offer a wide range of aluminum foil specifications and features

2. Meet Standard – Our aluminum foil meets mandatory standards on contact with foodstuffs.

3. Aluminum foil provides a total barrier to light, color and moisture, thus making it ideal for the protection of sensitive food during cooking and storage;

5. It has unique mechanical properties as it is formable, strong and can be ‘dead folded’, which is beneficial when wrapping food;

6. Aluminum foil is an excellent conductor of heat and can withstand the highest temperatures encountered in cooking;

7. After it has been used, aluminum foil can be recycled or recovered in the form of energy.


Rising International supplies converter foil to specifications suitable for a wide range of flexible packaging, including:

1. Aseptic cartons

2. Wraps

3. Pouches and retortable pouches

4. Bottle necks and capsules

5. Cheese foil

6. Tobacco foil

7. Decorative foil

8. Confectionery foil

9. Push-thru and cold-formable blisters

10. Laminated tubes

11. Lids and thick lids (with membrane)

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